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Get Up! It’s time to Workout!

July 9, 2016


Tips & Tricks to make getting up and getting physical doable


Getting an early start is actually an amazing way to start your day! I know waking up in the mornings and exercising is probably the last thing most of you want to do; especially when you are nice and snug under the sheets and you feel like you could rather do with the extra sleep.... But it’s totally worth the mission!


Early mornings are the best time to get your sweat on – starting up and fueling up your metabolism, energy levels, and mood for the whole day! Here are a few ways of making this “Waking up & Exercising Thing” more possible:

That Annoying Alarm!!


Make sure you have an alarm tone that really gets you up! Also set it and place it at a distance that makes you actually get up to turn it off; if you have to get out of bed to turn off your alarm then you are less likely to go back to sleep again. Maybe even set multiple alarm, 3 or 5 starting half an hour before you want to get up!

It’s so early! Why am I doing this????!


“Should i? Shouldn’t I?”….. YOU NEED TO!

Make the decision and stick to it! Want to quit? Give yourself a pep talk – remind yourself why you are doing this, what your goals are…Motivate yourself!! Convince yourself that you are pumped for your workout — even if you are not.



Coffee stimulates the brain, getting you up and ready for the day. So wake up and have a cup of coffee before you head out to train!


Eat something…

Kick start your metabolism with something healthy, something that will digest quickly, that contains protein and complex carbs. This will give you energy to get through your workout.


Eliminate excuses, Prep and Pack the Night Before.

To avoid wasting time in the mornings, make sure you are prepped and ready to go! Set out what you will be wearing for your workout, get your music playlist ready, pack your gym bag, prep your breakfast and meals all the night before! Leave your trainers at the door…… This will all make “getting up to train” smooth and efficient from the get go. And when things run smoothly it automatically puts you in a good mood as well!


Get Enough Sleep!

Getting enough sleep will make waking up a much easier task. Try getting at least 7-8 hours shut eye a night. Turn of the TV you need to give your brain time to relax before bed, otherwise you won’t sleep very well…Go to bed nice and early!


Train with a Friend

Accountability! This will make sure you don’t miss a workout especially if you have someone relying on you to be there to workout, you will feel obligated to show up! Make sure you schedule your training with a friend, this will also keep you motivate and help give you that extra push to keep you going.

Remember, give yourself time when getting into a new routine, it will eventually become habit and the norm to be an early fitness bird!!


Remember, give yourself time when getting into a new routine, it will eventually become habit and the norm to be an early fitness bird!!

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