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September 23, 2016


Working out is not easy, if it was, then everywhere would be full of fit, beautiful people; but that’s not the case….. And since working out is difficult usually when you get to a tough workout that is more intense than usual, you need that extra push or pick-me-up. 
Here are some tips that can help you push through your next tough workout.





If you split your workout into smaller workouts, it may seem easier. So instead of thinking you need to run 5km, you can think that you are only doing 5 short runs of 1km. If there are 6 exercises in a session, you actually only have 2 small exercises for the arms, 2 for the shoulders and 2 for the upper back….




Find what gets you going, like if you run, picture yourself running through a meadow or picture yourself chasing someone that makes you mad and you want to kick their butt! It’s all in the imagination, but every little bit of motivation helps.  Try this with every workout!



If you want to push through a tough workout but constantly lack the will, then you could hire a personal trainer. They can be like a drill sergeant or like a friend who encourages you to find the right fit and get moving!


When you are working out or running you could change the pace every couple of exercises, minutes or every half a kilometre. The change will add enough variety, often enough, so that you don’t get bored, and monitoring your pace and progress can keep your mind off the fact that you consider this to be a tough workout.



What really useful is counting backwards, if you have a set of 10 reps, count backwards from 10-1, the focus here is on how little you still have to, rather than how much you have done. Another one is breaking up your reps, if you have 20 squats or 20 burpees, break them up in 4 set of 5; reset after each set of 5; this will make it much easier to get though.



There was a saying “Don’t reward yourself with food, you are not a Dog”
This has truth to it; in the sense that one hour workout should not be “rewarded” with 2 large cappuccinos with cream and sugar… No point in ruining your progress like that! But sometimes food rewards can be great, like a healthy smoothie or a protein shake in a flavour you really like. If you are going to reward yourself with one of your favourite meals rather do so at the end of a good well deserved week.
What you could also do is reward yourself with something at the end of the week, or month like new workout gear and accessories, remind yourself of this with each tough workout, as an achievement!



like new workout gear and accessories, remind yourself of this with each tough workout, as an achievement!

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